AFN Liam 1202 A titan class star carrier

I have been going though some of my earlier models and cleaning them up. I am starting to ramp up a new project all other projects have been pushed to the back burner, some of my first models have some value even tho none of them were truly finished, and thats because i modeled them teaching myself to concentrate on design and function. but now i am breathing new life in to them. my inspiration for this comes from my love of books like the lost fleet Jack Campbell (pen name) the Honor Harrington series, and others. this project will take a very long time i want it done right so i will be taking my time.

i am not asking for help but i wont refuse anyone who offers as long as they have skills, sorry no n00bs, i do not want this project turning out to get dumped by the wayside.

also updates will be slow but they will come.

below you will find the story i plan to tell, latter i will add the story boards i will be doing this in stages my animations will be around 7 min long. but i have a very long way to go before i can even think of setting up my animation. tell me what you think of the first part there is more to the story but i am keeping it under wraps for now.

Life something so precious and rare or so we thought.

May 10 2020 everyone saw it and I mean everyone. The sky above Humanity what once was blue changed that day. Brilliant colors a kaleidoscope as it were brilliantly bright and every man woman and child stood watching. Four hours after the lights appeared the chaos began at first it was what we heard a loud crackling sound as the seconds went by the sound came closer and louder people covered their ears but the sound was so loud, some people ran looking for shelter from the sound then the sky above us exploded light burned though the atlasphere a tight beam ripped thru buildings, people and earth. More chaos for those who survived was just beginning. Ships great huge ships were falling towards earth it was like a bad B rate movie playing right in front of the whole world.

For three days ships fell to earth burned out husks of their once true majesty. Humanity or what was left of humanity after the first day hid. On the third day silence, a silence so isolating came over the world people crawled out of their holes and looked around.

May 10 2030 ten years after humanity was caught in a cross fire the remaining humans of earth call themselves the remnant, from six billion people to seven hundred million in three days.


posting some cannons on here, the double cannon on the turret is a Las cannon, the single still under construction is a MASS cannon.


i am working on one of my aliens his name is rod he is about 3 to 4 feet tall kinda hunched over and a knuckle dragger his walk if i can rig him properly will be fairly close to the same walk of a guerilla. rod likes AC/DC, high powered firearms, blowing stuff, up long walks on the beach as long as he can club a baby seal, and bubble bath.

i have never rigged a toon on this level so i may need some help i have three of the blender books introducing character animation with blender mastering blender and the essential blender. hope it will be enough! :spin:


well i got rod rigged and posed i seem to have some problems with pinching so i am going to work on that, and i am going to try my hand at soft body, we will see how that turns out.


Nice spaceship, and I like the goblininess of the alien. From a personal standpoint though, it looks like you tied to greeble the spaceship with the discombobulator, on the default settings. I find it extremely easy to recognize, and it usually makes me think that whoever made this didn’t put in as much effort as he should. I know that probably isn’t correct, but the point is that it doesn’t seem like you’ve finished the spaceship yet.

I suggest you fiddle with the discombobulator more, or make your own greebles. I find that makeing your own greebles work the best. Here’s a ship I made
with all the greebling you see being done by hand, using pretty much nothing except extrude.
I’m sure you worked hard on your model, but I’m sure you can work harder. :slight_smile:

Also, heres a link to a file of mine, I think it might help you later.

the funny thing is i did use the discombobulator for that image i had just discovered and was playing around with it, and i agree with you id looks like a rush job. i do my own greebles but after sitting at the keyboard for so long i tend to look to see if there is a shortcut to be used. in this case i was not pleased with the work but posted it anyway input really helps define a model and i can use plenty of input lol.

also i saw your post but had not gotten to post a reply to it. very nice work tho.

I have found you can use the discombobulator to some good effect. You can set it to only protrusions, and set the minimum and maximum bevel to a low number. Also, turn doodads off, this will extrude and scale down the sides automatically, giving a “plated” effect which can be built upon with textures or just adding some low poly bolts around the edges.

good tip and thanks i will try that.

okay so i am working on my explosions this is not exactly what i want, what i am after is a bright fast and beautiful bloom that you can see though the sky and i would like to have colorful shock waves much like the explosion in the movie Armageddon you know the one with Liv Tyler (oh yea)

Explosions using the particle simulator don’t generally work out well. But there are some sources that might help you, three of which I can think of.
One: a website that I can’t seem to find, but it had some good stuff, and I found it by accident. Hopefully you can do the same.

Second: The Blendart Magazine for Wow Factors. It’s more for fire, but you can still get decent explosions out of it. it should be issue 16

Third: This is a fairly good looking explosion made with meshes and displacement modifiers.

DividedSpleen23 you seem to be coming to my rescue more and more my thanks to you your tips and all around help thank you ever so much. i have a lot of modeling to do and some animation tricks to learn but i can take the time to thank people who point me in the right direction i knew joining this forum and community would be a good idea i hope not to disappoint.

okay so here is the deal i am trying to figure out how to animate a lens flare type explosion, for the past few days i have looked all over google and not found a tutorial on how to make this happen in blender bryce i can find but blender no. a lens-flare i feel is my best bet to get the explosion i want visually that is. i could do this with a blue back ground and render a flare one frame at a time slowly increasing the size to finish of the explosion i am after but i need it to dissipate as well as reach maximum brightness so i am lost can anyone here point me in the right direction?

what i have tried is the exploder, particle explosions, lens flare explosions (would make a nice fire work effect but takes forever to animate), and volumetric clouds. none of these things i have tried is working so i could realy use the help on this one, thank you all.

You could use the glare node in the Node Setup. But you’d need to put it on a separate render layer if you don’t what everything else to become really shiny.

But I don’t know how to use the Time nodes for animation, and making a realistic explosion is hard, I’ve been trying it for a while, and haven’t found anything. extraordinary.

you could try using one of the free movie effects programs in post production. Ive used several that do some great flame and explosions. ex gen is the only one that comes to mind at the moment. most of them directly apply the effect to your movie file.

Its going really well so far. I’m learning a lot from you!!