african beauty

I know people look perfectly boring. I did not manage to make it more interesting. Well, it should be just pretty, like any other CG character.:eyebrowlift2:


as always: perfect work .

You can see it’s a woman, but a very manly woman it looks like. Maybe because of the forehead. Not sure but it’s something that makes this look like a very manly woman. Could be that she has her arms crossed like some kind of tribe leader. And it’s hard to notice that she has breasts…

EDIT: I think I figured it out, it’s the crossed arms and the very confident look of a underground rapper, and that she is black at the same time. And has that rap piece of cloth around her head. I suggest you change the pose, to make her look more woman.

It’s probably the brow. Although I don’t really think it looks manly.

I like the skin color, good work!

Very nice! What did you render her in?

Any chance we can see the wires?

Does it really look like a manly woman? Thats not good.
I have used the Blender interenal renderer.
At the moment, I have concentrated on the necklace and a loincloth.
You can find the high-res version here:


Excellent render, and she doesn’t look like a man!

Nope, definitely not manly. Beautiful shading. Nothing to add really apart from it’s not boring - one of the few CGI female portraits I’ve actually been inspired by.

Could you show the braids? Are they modeled or painted or using hair or what? They look so great!
Is an absolutely great piece. I don’t have any critic. For me is perfect.

I am reassured that it seems no longer male.
@Bao2: The dreadlocks is made with hairparticles. You can see it in the appendix.


With the braid option in the hair or did you twist the guides?

I really like this! Is she finished? Or are you going to add other things in the scene?

she looks beautiful… ^^

Intriguing lighting (in first render) - i like it. Maybe model isn’t perfect but that doesn’t matter here. You created interesint graphic :slight_smile:

a clay render to show also the legs.