African Pride 3D Portrait

New work!
i’ve always like doing tribal portraits,maybe i’ll do some more.
Modelling and rendering in blender,sculpting and texturing in zbrush and photoshop.


This portrait looks so natural like photographer met this man some where in jungle! Can you share with lightning stuff?


will do soon!!

Beautiful portrait. I like the first image, with eyes right towards the viewer. Well done.

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thanks!! :wink:

Excellent, George! :+1:

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really appreciated :pray:

African tribal people don’t live somewhere in the jungle. They live in communities with houses, with their kinsmen with a system of governance and culture. In present times, traditional performers dress in these cultural rich attires (there are a lot of very interesting and beautiful attires if you look them up) for ceremonies or events because they are proud of their culture and pay homage to their ancestors and heritage. It could be a photoshoot with a model dressed up in such attire, doesn’t have to be someone in the jungle.

@George_Siskas Nice work, mate.


thanks! :wink:

I have to confess that I didn’t know that. Sorry for my mistake and thank you for this information. That was to quick and to simply answer by my side @melvi. One more time nice shots @George_Siskas !!

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No worries.
and I agree with you that he needs to share his lighting stuff.

some of those communities are still deep in heavily forested areas though (jungles)

Same thing could be said about any community/town in the west in heavily forested areas, I don’t think anyone would instinctively call those towns or settlement ‘’ jungles’’. One would call the town or settlement by its name.

This is crazy good!

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Thank you! :wink:

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when I saw this on fb, I thought this was real… wow nice work!

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Really appreciated! :pray:

As everyone is saying, it’s a very good job. Q. Did you model the horns headdress from real life or was that an accessory that came from you imagination? Also the cloth pattern - is that regional or fictional?

But again, it looks as good as a photograph.

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all the things in the render are from my imagination but using real photos from here and there as reference :wink:

thanks! :wink: