African Savannah and hut.

Hello! I recently did a piece of modelling for a friend and the result is the first picture in the attachments. After making it I thought it would be a shame for me to not make a scene out of all the hard modelling work as I would like to show off all the work in one final render.

the main reason I am asking for help here is for help on the composition. Ignore the render errors intersecting geometry streched textures and poor lighting in the second image please :slight_smile:
the scene set up in the second picture and I was wondering what to do, should I follow the rule of 3rds?

And one last thing, do you think it is worth rendering in luxrender? I did a test with the gramophone, (Last image) and it turned out nicely so do you think this image needs luxrender to add the last touch of realism?


Hi wagawagawoo ! I like the modeling very much. You have done a great work on the modeling, and the composition of the hut. I think you should move the camera closer to the hut. This is just my opinion.
Best Regards!

Thanks, so you think the scene should be more compressed? and closer together?

I also plan on modelling a little gas lamp by the chair and leaving the pages of the book open unless someone points out a better option :wink:

yeah, in africa, no one would have their chairs that far from their house! if they are in their house, someone could easily steal the chairs! and if they are sitting at the chairs, someone could easily steal their house!! lol…
i like the modelling… one thing: the side of the house closest to the camera is well lit… uh… isnt the sun on the other side?

oh hey! i just thought of something! how about (once you finish comping this scene) we use it as the exterior for our film? its perfect! i wouldnt want to have to remake this environment, its awesome! i wont need to sort out ground textures or sky or anything!

The texturing on the house is great. I’d get the camera in closer and show it off.

And a little DoF would do wonders for this scene.

Ok, I think I will move it in more. I think one of the nicer parts is the roof, but I don’t think there is an angle that could show it off as it might look odd in the horizontal landscape of the Savannah

add some animals in background like elephant lion girafe ect,

i mean at least it would like Africa not a desert !

keep up the good work

happy 2.5

Well I could use the giraffe I modelled for my Dali scene! :smiley:


add some animals in background like elephant lion girafe ect,

i mean at least it would like Africa not a desert !

sigh… I hear that all the time… there would never be a giraffe anywhere near a house anywhere in africa! sorry… uh… us africans get offended with stereotypes which are so bad we dont know where they came from… sorry… but you’re right, it would definitly add some interest to the pic… maybe have the giraffe sitting on the chair reading a book with glasses on :stuck_out_tongue: that would be cool!

i like the music box model .

increase the resolution of the ground … tile it

ps : girraffe on fire ! , nice concept .

One thing your composition might be lacking is eye flow. Objects lead the eye around a composition, and you want to try and use this to your advantage to make the viewer look at the whole image, and by creating a loop. Since we read left to right, that’s how we look at an image as well, and simply flipping the composition creates a slightly better eye flow as seen in the image below. Keep this in mind and try moving elements around, and maybe add elements, to try and keep the viewer looking at the image. As it is right now, I look at it twice to see all the elements.

This is subtle, but that’s the nature of composition


Wow that is cool, thanks for the tip mate!