African statue

Sculpted model.

wow thats crazy-good
5 stars


I don’t know how authentically african it is, but do I care??
Great work!

i LOVE the material!

wow endi you are my fav artist on man rock on. Btw nice work on that last pic you did messing around with sculpt.

Very cool sclupt but its too dark (it may be my monitor)

Doesn’t look african to me. Looks more like old statues of south american indian tribes.

Looks nice love the shape… But i dont think the material is the best possible for this type of model. Maybe want to rethink it a bit… Maybe wooden or … such would work better than this… black bronze looking … though thats just my oppinion.

I disagree. I think the material is fantastic. The subtle glow effect on the left really adds to it as well.

I have to agree with blenditall material rocks and I like the darkness it adds some realism.

lighting and materials are spot on. fuckin right, good work!

forehead between the eyes could use some smoothing.

i like this one very nice yeah yeah

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