African sunset

hey guys,
made this a long time ago, original file gone ( i know, its a bad habit of mine, to lose .blend files…:o)
but any tips for post-pro adjustments will be welcome!


Add a big orange sun setting in the background.

( i know, its a bad habit of mine, to lose .blend files…)

Do you not do backups? You know, as the old saying goes: He who laughs last always has a backup.


i have a similar problem. due to my low disk space, i try to save over ‘test’ blends or old fails of scenes. but sometimes i save over the wrong ones.
i have a dedicated folder for all blender-related things, this helps stop it from wandering round my system like lots of other program files :stuck_out_tongue:
for critique i think it looks more like a paper cutout than a real sunset, but i really like it :smiley:

He, He,
thanks for the comments, guys. It was really an early test render, but techincally it is a ‘finished artwork’ so I just posted it to see what BlenderArtists think of a really bad render. :slight_smile: