African themed game progress (WIP downloadable .blend added)

Just thought I should post some screens of a game I have been slooooowly working on. I’ve used a lot of tutorials and models from the net so its not all me :slight_smile:
I have a 20mb .blend file I want to post because my inventory is not working properly: whats the best way to do this?


Awesome jaechild! Looking cool!

SUBSCRIBE! This looks beast!

Your warrior’s skin looks orange to me. Maybe it’s just my monitor, but it looks weird.

Avec l’emprunt de tutoriel et de modèle sur internet, l’idée du thème de l’Afrique et le résultat est concluant,
c’est vraiment intéressant, ça change un peu des sentiers habituels. J’ai hâte de voir la suite!..:yes:

With the borrowing of tutorial and template on the Internet, the idea of the theme of Africa and the result is
conclusive, it’s really interesting, it changes a little from the usual paths. I can not wait to see more!..:yes:

Thanks guys. I will upload a blend in the next day or 2!!
I will tone down the skin colour and see how it looks.

I tought you stopped with the project. Glad you picked it up again :smiley:

Wouldn’t you want to keep your .blend file to your self?

It should be your game that you created.

I don’t mind sharing beacuse that way I can get constructive comments from the knowledgeable blender community. I also get a lot of objects from other people’s websites etc so I don’t mind if others use models and scripts from the game. Warning: some of the scripts are rather clumsy because I’m still learning python… so use with caution.

This is possibly the best looking project I’ve seen so far!!!

Finally here is a blend file. (I need to get a better internet connection :frowning:

There are still many glitches as its a WIP but this the progress so far.
I am having problems with the logic for the inventory. its using up too much of my resources. I have quite a good graphics card so I was expecting to get a much better fps. If anyone can offer some advice please do. Comments, crits are very welcome!

Hi All,
Was it created in 2.49?


Ok the controlls are: W is forward. A is left. S is back. D is right. Space is jump. C is crouch and block. F is pick. LMouse weapon attack. Rmouse is kick. Tab is inventory. > is scroll in inventory. Oh and i made this in 2.48a

Hi All,
Thx… After i finish downloading it i’ll give you my C and C! lolz…


Excuse the ignorance: How do I edit the title of a thread?

go edit your first post and go in advance mode and change the text in the “Title:” textbox.

go edit your first post and go in advance mode and change the text in the “Title:” textbox.

Thanks :slight_smile: I learn something new every day!

  • Do you have Compiz disabled? For non-DRI2 drivers which are still common these days Compiz slows graphics performance down.
  • Are you running the latest (mostly proprietary for non-intel cards) driver?
  • Are you running Blender 2.49 (faster)?

And you could reduce the distance that is being mapped (less rasterizer overhead). To avoid visual glitch you could add some mist.
You could also reduce the size of the textures and the amount of poly’s of your models.