After 1 year with blender...Public binoculars

I’ve been using blender for a year now. I figured I’d finally post something. I’ve always loved the shape of these things, and decided to model one up.

And I must say it looks fantastic :slight_smile: Great model!

Looks really good, but for the love of god (<-exaggerating here) put an image behind your model. It’ll make it stand out more.
you might want to work on the materials a bit as the specular highlight I see here looks waaay too gradient-ish.

I think you nailed the shape beautifully…I can almost hear the tick of the timer, but I have to agree about the materials…

the metal portions. whether painted or bare, could look a bit less generic. if painted, perhaps some chips missing?

and that pebbly texture could be better-defined and the scale of the bumps reduced a bit.

overall, a very convincing piece, esp. if you work on those materials.


Thanks for the comments. Yeah I’d really like to master the materials and textures. I say I have been using it for a year, but in reality it’s probably about half that, since I got kids and a full time job. My actual trigger time with blender is somewhat limited, so I don’t completely have a grasp on what I’m doing.

I think it’s looking great. A few little tweaks here and there and you have a really nice complete image.