After 16 Years, I'm Switching to Left-Mouse Select

I’ve been using blender since before it was open-source. And after all this time, I’ve always felt that right-mouse select was completely and totally stupid. I never used the option to left-mouse select since it seemed it would never change. But now I’m hearing rumblings that 2.8 will finally make left-mousing a reality. I couldn’t be happier. As a long time user, there’s a lot of (unfortunate) muscle memory in this change, but despite this, it may be the second-best decision in the history of the software (the best decision was to re-write because version 1 could not “undo” actions). That’s right - there was no “undo” and you had to constantly save versions. It was brutal.
So, if anyone has been using the software for less than 16 years, please don’t complain or be upset that the mouse button switch is happening. It’s really correcting a long-time massive flaw, and I believe, should be embraced with open arms. I know this isn’t a big deal to most people, but for me, it’s enormous. And I wanted to give a big thumbs-up to the developers for having the courage to make this change.

It’s never bothered me. If it changes, it changes.

I’m still not sure why there’s been so many digital bar-fights over it. But people are free to express their opinions just as you’ve done. And they will.

But this is the support section. Wouldn’t this be better off in the off-topic section?

i use blender and sketchup side by side and switching between left and right doesnt bother me.

as long as there is an option for a fully functional left and right style, ill be happy. and everyone else too, i imagine.

Same here, i use some software daily who have left click selection ( right is the call of menu ), some it is the invert … not a problem, look like im used to both.

Sometimes it is more difficult with camera pan, rotate…

Hey Atomike, if you want to try how blender would feel like with a LMB paradigm, a more standardized behavior, there’s already 2 pretty complete solutions out there.

  • rSelection Addon by PLyczkowski
  • and my custom setup that comes packed with a bunch of addons I use. It’s basically a carbon copy of my blender when I boot it up.

As long as they keep the “sticky” select in there, I’ll be happy.