After 600 hours I'm finish! 3D FPS! all,

After 600 hours of work I finished a FPS, based on Socials Template… I’ve used Blender 2.43-2.45. It will be on a music CD of 2 young swiss rappers. I think it will be the first CD with a 3D Game:eyebrowlift: I hope you like it…:smiley:
The release of the CD will be in april.

–> Your Enemies are Teeth, because the Sugar-Tooth (?!) is the Logo of the CD:yes:
Sorry Guys for my bad english, I hope you understand the text:confused:
!! Watch the official Trailer !!

Buy the CD!


Looks very good.

As some criticism:

  • At one point in your movie (before halfway) there was a plain orange object/room, which really didn’t fit with your textured everything else.
  • Flying teeth… Sure, there’s relevance, but it still seems weird.
  • All of the walls/objects seemed to be very well lit up, it seemed as though everything could have been a tone darker.

Flying teeth…

Oh, and your lava looked great.

As a query, how is this being connected with it’s music CD partner? Is it a promotion thing, or a 2 for 1, game and music CD?

looks nice, how did you do the glowing blue save points? They looked like alpha plane, but I couldn’t tell… thanks!

This looks great. With the teeth it’s kind of like arcade style which is exactly what you want for a free game that comes on a music CD. Great work!

Looks awesome, good job.

Haha, an FPS that has actually gotton done in the BGE.

The game looks good, I like the offbeat idea and the heavy use of lifts, movers, and physics.

How is the FPS? Do note you can always use a property to make the main part of the aim script run only once every 3 frames, it gets just a little choppy but you can see a decent increase of FPS in cases.

Looks good. : )
I assume the only way to get the actual game would be to buy the CD?


Yes, just a alpha plane :smiley:

@Cyborg Dragon

fu**ing fraps! no, it’s my mistake;)

@Captain Oblivion

That’s right, i can’t upload the .exe, sorry


You can buy the cd online, but not yet. The Release will be at April…And they are good Rappers (MC Johner)

That’s right, I can’t post the .exe :o sorry…

where can we get the CD?
i’m not a fan of rap, but i wanna play this!

its… wow.
how’d you get this hired for this?

yeah, it looks pretty good, but… no glsl?