After a car model

Hi all,

I’m after a model of the 1931 Duesenberg Boattail Speedster, a cool looking retro car.

I’ve never offered a paid bit of work before, what would you say would be a decent price for a piece like this?

I’m after the model only, not materials or textures. I don’t have any orthographic reference material or blueprints, but I will do plenty of research for reference images.
I’m hoping to use this in a game, so some kind of IP agreement might be needed.

Again, I’ve never offered something like this, so please do message me if I’ve missed something out.

Sent you a PM

We can do this model:

I sent a PM as well.

if I remember well these cars were custom made as per customer requirement!
so there are no standard plans for these

but it is a nice model

happy bl