After a hard day at work

Blender internal and Gimp
C&C welcome

Nice materials. The cigarette burning, the ash and the smoke are top notch. The overall lighting is kinda flat though.

how did you get the smoke and did you skan the texture
can you give me the textures

Man! The cherrie on the cigarette looks perfect. I really like this one.

looking good, the glass of beer is too clean though, if that much has been drunk out of it already the would be foam traces and such, I also think the beer should be a bit more transparent

Something doesn’t seem right about that bag (or the stuff inside it).

There’s this bright line/disk on top of the beer. Not good.

Beer could do with a few bubbles.

Textures + smoke -> good.


Remember, C&C was welcome…
The Chips look like just alpha maps… Perhaps they need to be a little-thicker?
The bag needs to be subsurfaced more
The beer is too thick
Creepy disk of death on the top of Beer (Otherwise known as light).

Fantastic smoke and cigarette! Please tell me how to create smoke like that! It would be great for bullet casings just fired and such as well. Overall the scene gets 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Great work!

Yea. Well.

The Smoke is PERFECT!

But you should work on the chips-bag and the chips. They look kinda flat, and the chips bag looks a bit low poly.

Textures are really nice!

You should work on lighting, too

Thanks for your comments an crits.

jimmac: Yeh lighting is my downfall.

Deadman: I did have some residue but with the spheremap used it looked vey ugly so it was a compromise.

Aligorith: There are bubbles in the larger. The disk was supposed to be the head of the larger…I’ll play with it a bit more.

jacjkj: For the smoke I made a brush in Gimp then on a couple of layers added the smoke, using smudge, eraser tools and playing with alpha settings…in other words i cheated.

He he he… I see… Looks great none-the-less. I am thinking though perhaps a Logo on the beer glass? Like for the Pub it’s at or something of the sort.

The white stuff on the beer (don’t know how to call it in English) doesn’t seem to touch the border of the glass…

Nice work dude :stuck_out_tongue:

The bag of chips looks rather flat somehow, but other than that, very well done!

nice. I like the smoke effect the most.

Great Materials and composition.