After A Late Lunch

My entry for the CGC comp

Lots of great details Anthony and real nice overall design. Best of luck in the competition.

Hey, Anthony, this is quite the changeup from your regular subject matter but looking really nice. And, never having done an interior this nice I’m reluctant to say anything but… :slight_smile: I would feel better if the cabinets on the left didn’t seem to be leaning out of the frame. What mm lens are you using here. And, is the camera exactly 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground plane.

YafaRay has a tab under lens ‘Architect’ which does that automatically. But, in the N Panel you can lock the lens on that axis. Also the counter top is just touching the right side of the frame. I would have it cropped more or completely shown with some room to breath. In which case is will be parallel with the right edge, right.

I looked at it in 1080p and it seems the notorious Cycles Glass hooked you a little in the cabinet doors. Even if that is smoked glass it somehow doesn’t look right full size. Oh and the right upper tile behind the granite counter top isn’t square. That one looks like you left it on purpose to give nit picking Blender heads something to bitch about. LOL Once again the scene is really nice and goodness knows I’d be proud to own it. With the exception of a wide angle lens which is tilted. Looking Good!

Cool, thanks for the nit picking as you put it.
The camera is 30mm and is level on the x and y axis, I can see where it would be a bit disconcerting to people.
Any perceived tilt however, aside from the focal length, is from the odd wall angles not from camera rotation.
That does not excuse it if it is not to your liking, just saying.
The glass is more textured than smoked but yes it was a pain and I never really got “happy” with it but did not want to abandon the idea.

As you say, quite a change up. One heck of a learning experience as well. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Thanks Harley, not really my thing but I figured I’d give it a go.

Really nicely done, and it’s nice to see something like this from you! :slight_smile: I’m kind of with theoldghost on the camera view/focal length/angle/whatever, it is a bit disconcerting as you said, at least to me. As far as the design, I think someone with a smaller kitchen such as this would have really small tiles in the backsplash area(and maybe a backsplash too) , to give it a sense of being larger than it actually is. LOVE the counter top, and nice touch with the Sleepy Hollow tree :stuck_out_tongue: Great job overall, and best of luck dude! :smiley:

Thanks a lot V. I tried the smaller tiles but was not trilled by them, to each their own I guess.
Glad you like the counters and my repurposing of my SH stuff. I almost put the houses on some shelves where the windows are but opted for prints instead. As for the camera, after seeing both yours and Ghost comments I went back and played with it a bit to see what the issue was. It is the down angle of the camera. To get the refrigerator (not a cabinet) line to stay straight I’d have to put the camera dead on in the scene and lose all perspective across the counters and into the back parts of the scene. Balancing act I guess, I’ll get there.

Ah yes, the dreaded down angle :smiley: That does tend to throw things off a bit, but it’s easily solved by making it 90 degrees level, although you would probably still have to change the focal length. Balancing act indeed :yes: I actually have larger tiles in my own kitchen, but after watching countless shows on houses I could never afford, I sort of fell in love with the small/glass/mosaic tiles:
Looking at that picture, I just realized something else. You need some electrical outlets :smiley:

This is very high detailed Anthony. Well done my friend. Good luck in the contest.:eyebrowlift:

Here it is with the camera perfectly level all around.
I am playing with an in-between version of it now. We’ll see.
Thanks for the input guys.

Hey, Anthony, very nice modelling and I’m in love with the bonsai! :slight_smile:

I agree with the others on the orthographic camera. Here is an interesting article from the wiki, that you perhaps already know: But it covers the architectural camera settings. Looking at your second image I’d say that it looks better with the really upright angles of the vertical planes.

Comparing your two last renders I also see that you made some other changes. You changed the background image, which is good because it gives more depth to the image, but the blur should be reduced in my eyes.

Interior architectural renders are much, if not all, about lighting. And you chose a difficult subject by making an interior shot. But I think the lighting could be enhanced. I’m uncertain where the light in your image is coming from. I can see four light sources. The window, the little round ceiling lamps, the lamps below the cabinets and the lights above the sink. But I’m nearly sure that you also used world AO in your settings. Maybe I’m wrong with this assumption, but with the lights coming from behind and above I would expect more shadows. And that makes me ask myself where all the light in your image is coming from.

The light of the lamps also appears to be a very white and therefore harsh light. You already have a dark and “cold” colour scheme with the mainly grey colors. I wonder how it would look, if you give the lights a warmer tone. Or if you would make the ceiling and walls really white. At the moment I’d say your image lacks a bit of contrast in my eyes.

All this is only my personal opinion of course and beside my nitpicking you did a good job on this image.

Thanks man, your input and opinions are always welcome. The lighting gave me fits because of the dark palette I was intent on using.
I also have issue with the image looking one way on my PC and another on my Mac. (both are calibrated) I tried using handheld devices as the tie breaker but still had problems. Yes world AO is on, .5 with a 12’ spread. If rendered by itself it does little. Anyway, thanks for the link. I will read it as soon as I can. This is the image I finally submitted. I could not give up the down angle so I tried to even out the “lean” between the refrigerator on one side and the half wall on the other.

Thanks for your input everyone.