After a very long hiatus I'm back

I was never really very good, but I enjoined trying to model things, and would like advice on getting better at both modeling and texturing, I’d also like to know what helped you finally understand blender and 3d modeling? My goal is as a hobby, but I’d like to make the best models and scenes I can.

Hi Manok! Can’t say I remember you (sorry :o), but welcome back just the same!

As for what helped me, it would be two things: BlenderCookie (Jonathan Williamson’s modeling tutorials rule), and big projects that pushed my knowledge to the limits. I’ve found that they’re really helpful because, if you get stuck, you have to figure it out in order to finish the project. That doesn’t mean make it perfect, but make it the best you possibly can with what skills you have at that time :smiley:
Also, posting about the project in Works in Progress and/or Focused Critique really helps too, you can get a fresh perspective on the project and see things that you might’ve overlooked…

…anyway, I’ve gone into my usual long-winded babbling - though if you knew all those already, sorry to the admins for wasting this bandwidth :wink:

I didn’t post very much, except when I had a question or two, I did however go to the forum gallery a good deal and wish I could create stuff as amazing as those people.