After coming back to blender after several years.....

After being away from 3d for a few years…and having come back recently. I am amazed and so pleased with Blender’s progress. It has become a joy to work with. It all just works. fewer checkboxes, fewer options better results. I’m so impressed … I’m all in on blender. So pumped!

and it hasn’t crashed once.

Here is what I made with it.

Looking forward to creating all my future graphics inside blender … Nice to meet everyone!


Good to hear it, nice to meet you! What version of Blender were you using previously?

I had looked at Blender a few times in the past but simply could not get on with it. Then I came back when 2.69 was out and after a couple of little changes to the preferences and spending just an hour or so properly learning the basics, I found it a joy to work with.
My biggest hurdle was stopping myself from trying to make it behave like Lightwave, which was my previous 3D package of choice.
I learn something new each day and there is so much material out there to help you develop. It’s an amazingly comptetent and powerful package.

i think it was under 2.6 … maybe like 2.55 … even at that point it was improving… but since then…the improvements are huge.

I totally understand what you mean…it also had to do with not taking all the necessary time to learn it.