After Delete Subsurf have some edge loop problem

Hello, i have some problem for the edge loop problem after i deleted the subsurf modifier, in Edit mode is ok, but after switch back to object, the edge was changed so it’s hard for me to do weight painting , can teach me how to fix it? thanks

This is what i want

this is the one i dont want

(Deleted. Didn’t read the question properly. Sorry :wink: )

It could be that the edges got created over each other. Easy to do if you are using Extrude. And in subsurf they will separate. Then when you turn it off they “disappear” but that is basically, they go back to being on top of one another. The less edges you have, likely the further they are apart, the more movement there will be in the lines in subsurf making them appear to be separated when they are not.