after effects and blender, creating a video portfolio

Hi, I am still relatively new to blender and I was wondering about adobe after effects and blender. I have seen a couple videos that have used blender for the animation and adobe after effects to complete the project and video production and they came out great!

My question is…is there an ‘open source’ program that is similar to after effects. I am making a digital portfolio and have want to have an amazing “flash type” intro and then a short animation (created in blender), and then the rest of my work…

Is after effects the best way to produce something like this or should I look into adobe flash or something??

I have never used Adobe After Effects or Adobe Flash, so any comments would be appriciated…


I think Blender is a great open source alternative to After Effects.
I’ve seen some pretty amazing results from people making use
of Blender nodes and compositing. I wouldn’t completely X out
After Effects if you have it, but definitely look into the other features
Blender has to offer outside of 3D modeling.

I agree.

I never liked after FX and much prefer sequencing and compositing in blender… I’m sure afterFX has better live action tools (animated 2d mattes workflow probably more streamlined for example) but for all cg work blender is the best open source sequencing and compositing app in my opinion.

I have integrated After Effects and Blender quite a bit. I even wrote a JSX file for camera matching between After Effects and Blender. Run the JSX file in After Effects and it will create a python script that will re-create your After Effects camera (and some other layer elements as well) inside the Blender workspace. If you need to go the other way (Blender camera to AE, which is more common) there is a script for that as well. That script produces a text file that is the actual contents of the AE 7.0 clipboard. You run the script in Blender, open the text file and copy the entire contents to the clipboard. Then you open up AE, select the camera layer and do a paste. Bam! you have your Blender camera inside AE.

My Tips:
Don’t bother trying any other output from Blender other than PNG sequences with alphas (RGBA).
Sound output does not work in Blender, but synching works fine. So just load your sound into Blender, animate to it, output a RGBA PNG sequence and do the final composite in After Effects.

Comparing After Effects to Blender VSE is like comparing MS Paint to Photoshop. Sure you can draw in it. You can even draw a masterpiece in MS Paint. But having the additional toolset really does improve workflow and productivity.

After Effects can’t do 3D though, that is why I use Blender. Have you ever tried to navigate with After Effects 2.5D camera? It really blows the only thing worse is something like Bryce or Poser’s camera setup ackckck. I leave 3D to Blender and 2D to After Effects. They complement each other well.

I second that; Atom’s script is really cool.

Another way to go is the maya ascii export script by osxrules. Since AE imports maya ascii files, this is a great way to get camera data from blender to AE.

P.S. I really hope this doesn’t develop into yet another AE v Blender thread. It’s a matter of what job you are doing, and there is literally NO WAY I could do my current job with only the Blender sequencer.

Hey, thanks for all of the info! It was not my intention to create a AE vs. Blender thread, I am new to both, so I guess I have to take your opinions and tips and see what works best for my project.

Thanks again, I love this forum it has helped out immensly!