After Effects Null or Mocha info to Blender Empty?

Hi guys,

The software I use is as follows:
Mocha tracking(After effects version without 3d tracking)
After Effects

I want to export NULLS from After Effects into Blender as Empties. Is there any way to do this? The whole reason I want to do that is because I really really like the Mocha tracker that can track shots, and then import to After Effects as a Null. From there, I was hoping to export into blender for 3D rendering to match live camera movements. Unless someone knows a way to export tracking data from Mocha directly into Blender. And keep in mind, I have only the free version of Mocha which does NOT include 3d tracking or exporting to Blender directly.

Thank you
Mr D

Right from Mocha to Blender. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the link. I actually found that product before, but wanted to see if there was another solution before purchasing. I am guessing there is no other way at this point. Unless I knew how to program a script on this stuff, which I definitely do not know how to. I will most likely end up purchasing that.

Thank you,

Mr D