After export, animations are distorted

I exported into glb and fbx. After importing again the animation do not work correctly. The basic to the animation is there, but it’s distorted, wrong positions. This happens importing into blender, godot, unwrap3d.

Am I supposed to bake the animations before export?

This is not the apply scale problem. I unhooked the rig from the mesh, then set the origin for each one. Set the models at center of world. Applied the transform for both the rig and mesh. Then hooked the mesh again into the rig. Same exact distortion. Baking only made the distortion different. Looks good inside blender, until importing.

Looks like the scale in the unapplied transform is the problem. The steps I did in the last post fixed the scale, but the animations have already been recorded. I noticed the scale in the animations is bad, and I need to fix this somehow. I might try and delete the scale from the keys one by one. Maybe I can overwrite the keys with only rotation.