After export, image texture is displayed strangely


I used the same two images to configure a node as shown in the screenshot below.

And i exported to glb file and check it using 3d viewer, texture displayed strangely like below screenshot.

I’m not sure why it’s showing up like this or how to find this problem.

Please let me know what do i need to check.

Are you able to share a .blend? That would help here.

I don’t think bump maps will export. You may need to convert it to a normal map. But I can’t really see enough detail in the picture to determine what the bump map is doing, either.

Hi, @donmccurdy

Thanks for answering.

I made google drive link here

Could you check my blender file?

Thank you.

The textures are missing from the .blend so I can’t preview or export, but looking at the material configuration you will need a tangent space normal map rather than object space:



Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 10.32.52 AM

The rest looks OK so far.

Hi, @donmccurdy

Thanks for checking my file.

I applied normal map instead bump, it is working fine.

I dont understand why bump map not working on glb file but i cant find other way to apply.

I will use normal map only.

Thank you.