After Flipping Normals Applying scale recalc normals Sculpt doing opposite

I am trying to make it do as the sculpt brush implies. It is doing exactly the opposite I have done all the things suggested yet still it wont bulge out my mesh it deflates it.

You can see I have the brush that bulges out a sphere but it does just the opposite as implied. I am missing something.
Thank you. Please Go into side and front view to see images I have placed in. Should be packed.
doingExactOpositeOfExpectedPack.blend (1.97 MB)


doingExactOpositeOfExpected.blend (660 KB)

This thread is not a tutorial

The normals are facing inside instead of out. Select all, ctrl+N to make normals consistent and pointing out

Then turning off the autosmooth and switching the brush to inflate will inflate the geometry as intended.

forgot to mention, when you go through the list of things that could be wrong with the geometry

  • apply object scale
  • remove doubles
  • normals consistent and pointing out
    those have to be done in that order because they’re dependent on the previous. If object scale is not applied the remove doubles merge distance might not be sufficient, same with distances in modifiers. Making normals consistent would be for nothing if the object scale is negative, or there’s double geometry that only get merged afterwards.