After humans - cgboost challenge

last update:

hello :grinning:

Points to work on:

  • background
  • walls
  • vending machine
  • door on the right side

Tell me what to think, submission is on wednesday … so only 2 days left.
The vending machine on the right side is my reference, so only an image on a cube.


heeeeeelllooo internet,
ok next stops are:

tell me, what is on your mind :slight_smile:


This was my final entry to the chboost challenge.

things to work on:

  • clothes for the bones
  • weather effect on bones
  • some more rubbish
  • maybe a new area outside
  • rework the inside of the vending machine

if you got some more improvements, please let me know.

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still things to rework, but somehow I just can’t get the “quality” of this image beyond what you see. I need help and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. First thing I try to go on is the light.

Maybe also the composition? Should I change the vending machine to a red color?

Are my textures crap?
What’s the magic key ^^? so many questions, I need answers.


I’d say your textures at the end there on the vending machine are pretty good in fact. The wear and tear looks pretty legit, I like it. Maybe I’d add a nice long crack going across the glass, as something that old and “beat up” would most likely have some cracks in the glass, but that’s personal preference perhaps.

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