After I installed and added the Tissue addon it dose not appear in the side menu. How can I see it?

I have blender 2.83

I did Edit > Preferences > Add-ons searched for the Tissue checked the box to enable it then hit the Install button then hit the Save Preferences… just to make sure to save the changes.

Then I pressed on the N key but I don’t see the Tissue on the right .

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I looked at the addon, and it said that it was located on the edit tab. So hit the N key, then you will see the transform tab, 3 tabs under, is the edit tab, click on it and your addon will be there.

Here is a couple pics to demonstrate:
Blender 8_19_2020 11_33_01 AM (2) Blender 8_19_2020 11_33_16 AM (2)