After Jen Lets go for "Matt the Guy" Feedback wanted

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Hello everyone , after “Jen” was finished and it was pretty good recived, I thought I would go for creating a dude. Never really done it since its not as fun… :smiley:

btw Thanks everyone for the comments on Jen, it really made it all better, So lets try this one out, I started with the basemesh from Jen, redid the uv and repainted the skin and texture.

feedback is wanted. cheers, hair and beared is gonna be added. cheers


did som adjustments, added a beard, and some minor changes in the skin, and added som voloume over the eyebrowns cheers

A little update, redid the eyes and some of the textures and hairs cheers


hello. been awhile since I updated this, but here is the latest itteration.

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Not sure how I missed this thread. Looking great so far! He looks kinda familiar…but can’t put my finger on it. Any real world inspirations used for this?

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hello. hehe easy to miss ! : ) well not really to be honest. ( but really should use one reference! ) … .but im trying to create unique characters for a project of mine :slight_smile:

another update,
worked on
and bumps and texture

gave him more hair to thicken it out, fixed the eyebrowns and went in and redid the bump texture on the forhead, removed some spots in the color texture that dident make sence. and made the eyes a little bigger


in the never ending tweaking zone right now, testing some lighting, changed minor things in the nose, hair ,eyebrowns, added some hair on the ears etc. cheers

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