After Midnight

Here is my last work. I was working on it about two weeks from time to time.

Very nice, no critiques at all. Was this blender internal, or an external renderer?

I used to be a double base player, my best friends are sax players. Il looks like you know the instrument.
LOL, great modeling and rendering!!!

Very well done. I’ve played the sax for the past four years and this looks great. My only crit is that the reed looks odd with that black line going through it. It might be a shadow, I’m not sure. Again, great job.

michalis, i never holded sax in my hands =) I modelled it by looking on it’s pictures in the internet.
CMonson, it’s internal render of Blender 2.5.3
Yodaman921, i can’t find it, maybe. What line do you mean?

Thanks for replies and critics!

sweet sax very nice work I bet that is very hih poly

Perfect work. And very realistic for BL internal render.

Sorry for cutting up and drawing on your work, but this was the area I was referring too:


The dark line has a concave up look and goes right through my horribly drawn circle. It that’s part of the texture it really shouldn’t be on the carved portion of the reed where you stick it in your mouth.


excellent work. you present this musical instrument in a very interesting perspective:)

Thank you, Julia :slight_smile:
Yodaman921, that is reflection, of course! Here it is:

Max, do you mean a reflection of the chair’s back rail? If so it shouldn’t be there since a reed isn’t that reflective/glossy; the base of the reed has a very slight gloss to it, but the carved away part should be a rough and matte finish. See the shine of the reed at the bottom and it goes away at the carved part.
I’ve said it before, this is a great and beautiful work, but that line just doesn’t look right. And I’ve played 3 reeded instruments over the past 8 years so little things like this naturally pick up on my radar. I’m sorry if it does seem like I’m pestering you, but it’s a great work and such a tiny fix would increase the realism.

some minor curves correction.
I might go even a bit more, but that’s personal preference.

anyway, superb work, it just needs some tweaking.

spacetug, that is too much contrast, as for me =) Anyway, thank you for your advice!
Yodaman951, wow, i understand now! I could not see it in my reference picture. Well, i’ll fix it soon, thank you!