After Midnight

Hello everyone!

“After Midnight” is a little game I’d like to show you.

Kinda plot: you wake up at night and discover that your lover has left you for unknown reason. You can examine a small hut where you live and its surroundings.

Here’s the link:

I hope you enjoy it! Happy blending :wink:

Some screenshots:

Wow… Great Job. really

Nice work, graphics is nice, physics is good…

That one is very impressive. I love it! Actually I respect your graphics more than some Crysis / whatever.

Hello popon2! I found out that unfortunately 3 or 4 people of those who gave feedback do experience problems with my game. Some cannot get up off the bed, while the others cannot leave the house (the game just closes). Right now I am no programmer — 95% of game logic is made by means of logic bricks (the other 5% is a grab script). So the game works with help of divine powers really. What I want to say is that I could fix that once I get more experienced :slight_smile:

modelling content was really cool and overall it looks great for a bge game. I also really enjoyed exploring, it was very fun.

the physics are a bit strange, if you jump while standing on something the character goes flying, if you do it outside you can go up on the z axis forever. would be perfect if the player had no collision with objects you’re able to pick up.

Whoah, that’s quite unexpected! I’ll work on it, thanks!

Nice Game mann !!! Nice job on the Graphics though
Thats some pretty solid work man i like it man keep it up.

Man, try to make the levels realistic and release a version 2.0. I like the creativity in here. You’re a genius!

Cool graphics and game. Good designs.

It’s great! Good physics, I love this graphics! <3

That was really good. Wish it was a bit longer. Feels more like a tech demo. Great work though.

The atmosphere you captured really strikes me emotionally. It feels familiar, isolated, and nostalgic. Over a decade ago during my childhood I went to boarding school in Vermont. And the cabin presented in game reminds me of a cabin in the woods my mother rented out. I don’t it just totally reminded me of a Vermont winter.

Love the visual style! Will try the game later,.