After rendering blend file turn black?

Hello. After rendering, my blend file turn black.
Do you know whats the problem.
Thanks in advance.

well i have just run a image sequence through the vse in place of the strip you had there, as i wasn’t about to render the whole of your sequence again, and it rendered out fine to the settings you provided, only thing i can suggest is that your source material in the vse is not in the same place that you imported it from try reloading the image sequence into the vse again if that doesnt work you may have to bite it and re render the sequence as pngs again

Thanks Small Troll.
Yes. I forgeth how to render/animate with PNG. I always rendering/animating with H264 Shift+CMD+G confusing me with PNG
Select all images and open up sequencer, made my problem. Now I render/animate with H264 for one other 2-3 days.