after rendering frame, whole frame is black

hello, I’ve run into a problem where when ever I render this scene I’m working on, the object appears when the frames are processing, (there’s only one object in the scene) but then once it’s done the PNG files just contain black images.

The scene consists of a spoon falling, and that’s it. It is checked to render in the outliner, I’m not really sure what’s wrong.

I got the model off of a sight called blend swap, so I didn’t make it meaning I know less about it. Although I’m also not that handy with blender, which is why I came here

any help will do, thanks!

For support questions please ALWAYS supply relevant information. You have a rendering problem but you don’t actually say which renderer you are using!

Also ALWAYS attach or post a link to an example blend file that clearly shows your problem.

In Render / Post Processing setting disable Compositing and Sequencer.