After restarting scene, orange screen.

After I restart my scene in game, it gets orange. In viewport also if I play, zombie baits me, I exit and play again - it is orange. In standalone it is orange when I die and scene restarts. How do I fix that and what may cause it?

orange is new … typically it gets violet (because that is the default color when missing textures ;).

Maybe you have an orange shader?

No! I don’t have shaders like that. Only shader in scene is procedurral grasssssssss sshadderrr… wwait a minute! Maybe grass shader must be edited a bit so that it allows restarting scene?

I think you should reapply the shader after reload.

How is it done? And may the problem be so that shader doesn’t disable after restart so that there is 2 shaders activated on the same object causing error?

I know some times with that shader I get a orange screen… Idk why Though.

When you restart a scene, the previous one gets removed. That means you can’t have the same object twice.

What I do not know is if you need to apply your shader again to enable it on the new objects.

Apply again. What do you mean with it?

You apply a shader to a material. You killed the scene and the material with it. So you assign the shader to the material again.

material.getShader().setSource(vertex_shader, fragment_shader, True)

but I still do not know your situation. I haven’t done much with shaders so I can’t really help on that.

It always does that code…