After rigging and parenting the mesh stays static - Why?

Hi all,

This is probably a Newb problem but I have been following a couple of rigging tutorials and I’ve run into a problem that I cant figure out.

After generating my rig and setting the mesh then rig to parent I would expect the rig to move the mesh if I rotate a joint but the mesh stays static…the auto weight seems to have done its job but nothing moves. Do you know why??:frowning:

Also before you have a meta-rig at all should you have any vertex groups listed as defaults (I seem to have a whole list of rig bones already)?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

In addition, the mesh only moves when grabbing the spheres in the middle of the shin, fore arm and upper arm… which isn’t what I expecting :(… Any ideas?

My guess is you have parented your character to the rigify rig, and you are now trying to animate it using the meta-rig. There are two separate rigs, and the meta-rig is no longer needed once the Generate button has done it’s work.

Check out your outliner. In addition to a whole bunch of new WGT objects, you should have both a rig and a meta-rig listed. The rig is the one you want to use. Move the meta rig to the side and put it on another layer. You don’t need it any more.

Those spheres are the IK targets for the elbow (there are similar targets for the knee). In the Rig Main Properties panel, when you have leg or arm bones selected, you can turn IK on or off. When IK is on, only the IK bones at the ends of the hands or feet will move those bones.

Does your tutorial tell you how to animate with the rigify rig, or just to set it up?

Thanks for the reply mate, I had already moved the meta rig to one side as soon as i had generated the rig… so I dont think its that unfortunately and I just grabbed a bone to makes sure it wasn’t the meta rig and its not… its definitely the new rig i used to parent.

Thanks for the explanation mate, That makes sense as I had turned IK on to see if that made a difference but it didn’t. The tutorial takes you right from the beginning of adding a meta-rig to placing the bones, generating the rig and adjusting the weights earlier… i just don’t see where this one has gone wrong.

When you move the mesh using the IK spheres are the bones supposed to move too?

After looking at it again this morning with fresh eyes and making another test rig which worked, I noticed that the Manipulate Center Points Button was enabled on my main file which doesn’t allow you to move the arms/legs etc in pose mode. I’ve never consciously used this button so I must have turned it on by mistake. When you start a new file by default this is not enabled.

Simple… but when you don’t know :spin: Thanks for the help!