After School the movie ?

A study of the growing and disturbing trend of
teachers having sex with their students.


    Written & Directed by: Chris Barrett & Manuel De Seixas Correa
    Executive Producer & Legal Counsel: Steven C. Beer
    Producer: Karen Ammond
    Narrated by: Owen Lafave

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            In the summer of 2004, Debbie Lafave, a 23 year old schoolteacher from Florida, was arrested for allegedly having numerous sexual encounters with her 14 year old 8th grade student. She has pleaded “not guilty” by reason of insanity; her trial is set for April 2005.

            Months after the tragedy, Owen Lafave, her husband of less than one year, wants answers. He has teamed up with a documentary crew to narrate and explore the truth and reasons behind the rise in cases of child molestation by teachers in our schools.

            “After School” is a disturbing look at a plague affecting our families and, more importantly, our children.

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“look at how many news there are about this topic, Where the hell was this teacher when I was in school”