After setting a UV Texture to only a few faces the remaining faces got grey!

Hello there,

I just recently started using blender.
I did apply a texture to only three faces of my mesh…however, everything beside those faces is now grey…and I can not apply any materials…

Even when I remove the UV Texture and everything it will still remain grey… my model seems to be broken now :frowning:

Can anybody help me out here?

Thanks in advance!

.and I can not apply any materials…
Why not ? Can you not create new materials, can you not see the apply button in edit mode to add new materials to other faces.

Show us at the very least something !!!

Show us screenshots and attach/post a link to your blend file (pack all textures before saving using File / External Data menu)

Alright, sorry for that.

So, when I render in blender it looks fine.

However, when I look at it in “Texture View” that is the way it will be shown in JanusVR (The program I load it into).

When I try to apply a material to the faces then it is not applied in texture mode and will always stay grey.
I also attached the complete model and texture. (604 KB)

Once again, thanks.

Okay…I could not get this to work…even when I completely removed every texture my material was not applied.
What I did now is to use the color I needed for the remaining faces and placed it inside the texture…all remaining faces (in the UV Editor) were now scaled to the minimum and then placed on the pixel which color I needed…seems like a dirty hack to me…but I got no way of cleaning this up otherwise…I hope somebody can help me out what caused this, how to avoid this and - most of all - how to get rid of this.

Thanks in advance

Here is a video explaining in detail what textures and materials do in blender and how this works related to data needed for a game engine.
Bit outdated but describes things good. Might help to understand what was going on here.

I’m guessing this is being previewed in Cycles mode?

If that’s the case, under material data, go all the way to the bottom and expand the settings panel. The viewport color there is used to set colors for preview in Blender when no textures are applied.

However if it renders fine, you don’t have to worry about viewport color settings for Blender. (They’re just there for your convenience in telling things apart.) The color you have the material set to for render is what should export.