after snapping, smooth falloff doesn't occur

Hey guys,

Alright, well just making a coffee mug no big deal, right? Well I finish the handle by snapping the bottom end of the handle to the vertices of the mug itself. Notice there is no smooth falloff with this area as the top… Makes it look very goofy in subsurf or just now…

How do I fix this?

Also… Does blender have a target-weld/snap feature like 3ds max 7 does - where you select one vertice, and weld it to the location of another vertice instead of them meeting in the center or to cursor, e.t.c…?

Thanks alot,

You can merge the vertices of the handle onto the body of the mug using Alt-M. It depends on the sequence you select the vertices as to which of the merge options you use.

RMB select first vertex,
Shift-RMB select second vertex.
Alt-M Merge.

Make sure you remove any faces or edges from below the handle join. (internal to the mug, handle mesh)

Usually I find this workflow a bit faster:

  • turn on ‘Closest’ snapping;
  • holding down Ctrl right-mouse-drag every vertice on his own twin, confirming the position with a left-mouse-click;
  • press w + ‘Remove doubles’ to get rid of overlapping vertices just created above.

or just select the two verts and remove double with a large value.
After snapping, your edge weights may be reset.

Um, alt-m gives you the option of merging to the position of either the first or last vert you had selected.

Excellent, thank you guys.