After "Tea Time", now "Time Is Money"

hello guys :slight_smile:

I continue the serie of wallpaper around the word “time” with this one:

better image 1200x900 JPG 350ko

Hope you like it !


weird reflection is corrected :wink:

Looks pretty cool actually, good idea 'n all!

One thing though, on the 4 bricks, the 4th one (top one) is having some weird reflections. I don’t say wrong, nor do I mean it. It just looks weird and I can’t really see where it comes from.

looks like the normal is off on that side of the brick.

I like everything in the image except for how you treated “is” in the text, I think you could have done something better then that.

oh yeh, normals. Smart ^^

Very nice rendering. Great gold effect. Realistic looking. The logo is cool too, but the letter “M” seems amateur. The center (or middle bottom) part of the “M” should be as low as the rest if the letter. Almost looks like an upside down “W”.

Thank for the comments ! :slight_smile:

The weird reflection has for origin a texture transition in the environment cube… %|
It is now corrected on the first post.

Humm… the ‘is’… is not easy :smiley: this is my fourth version, and, i agree, this is not again that.

For the ‘M’… i don’t know… it is the builtins font.


Nice image.

My eye was drawn to the ‘is’ straight away and I like the way it is, I thought it was symbolism, that ‘is’ was struggling to support time. You know, that precarious balance time against money.


----Yes, but you can find workarounds to it. You can try typing “oney” instead of “money” and then model a better “M” yourself…Just suggesting…

Wooohoo another cool background. I had teatime for a long time as my wallpaper but now i love this one:D Well done!