After the battle

Here’s my latest picture. There’s a WIP thread on the little sensor droid (or drone or probe or whatever) for those who want to see how this all came together.
The background ship wreckage is the PROMETHEUS space carrier I’ve modelled earlier.

I know that some of you don’t like the motion blur on the droid but after having a look at the picture for a while I realised that it just looks to static without the blur and that’s why I decided to use it anyway. And after all this picture is supposed to be only a showcase for the droid.

Modelled in Blender 2.43
All paint work done in The GIMP

Nice work, models aren’t origional just for this piece but it fits nicely.

And it looks like you used particles and the star generator for the background.

Pretty cool stuff; I like the floating debris.
A brief explanation of the main concepts behind creating the background would be great:evilgrin: (that is, unless it’s a photo).

ok…it looked better with the motion blur. but its a shame to not see the details in the droid. Anyways…great modeling man!

I like it:D
The amount of detail there is amazing. I’d rather not think about the polycount though…:wink:

In what way wouldn’t the models be original, like your bad dragon mesh?
Also he painted everything in GIMP, you’d know if you’d read the post. Think you can handle that?

What do you mean with “main concepts”? Do you want to know how it was done??

Polycount isn’t much of a problem here. The PROMETHEUS has something around 600’000 but was rendered separetly. The droid only has about 120’000, which isn’t a big problem

That’s right. Background was “painted” in GIMP.

Looks very good but a bit empty …
Try adding some more debris or other stuff would make it look even better.
4 stars from me

To me the background is too busy by comparason to the ship, it gets slightly lost amongst the detailed background making look like there isn’t much there when there really is.

Your design for the destroyed ship is a clasical square design but like the promethius it still works very well, i think the droid is gread myself, maybe there is a camera angle that you can use where part of the droid has motion blur but no all of it.

Overall i think 4 stars because this is really great but the background is a flaw.

I mean he modeled them before and put them in this scene. I didn’t say he didn’t model them himself but I think he used them in pictures before.

Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t automatically downgrade a piece if you use a model from a previous scene, RobertT has done it many times and no one complains.

Nice piece, however the lighting is a bit dark, good job on the modeling and textures :)!

space is dark…lol=D…really nice=D

Awesome textures! I like it.


great scene. I like it. The little droid could make an excellent shuttle craft. Very clever design.

It’s easy to see you generated the background with a 3d cloud texture (in the world background) because of the way the stars are rendered.

Actually the background was painted in GIMP and the stars were also added in Postpro. The only rendered stuff are teh carrier and the droid

ha, good. Those stars look just blender’s stars.

I tried an all procedural galaxy a while back. Stars are always enhance around the clouds. This was true in a couple of other apps I’ve tried over the years too.

Well yeah, but I’m not asking for detail, i.e., did you use just an image, did you use a mesh, a combination of the two…? But now the question’s been pretty much answered already.:o I’ve got to reply faster…

i’m a little bit disapointed with this piece.
You know I’m a great supporter of your work, but this one seems a bit flat to me.
Maybe it’s just because it’s a bit dark on my screen here… Or maybe I would have liked it better if the scout droid to be a bit bigger in the frame.
Coulours a great, through, and of course, modeling. I like the way the Prometheus is cracked, and thouse debris are nice too.

Be well

I understand that some people wished to droid to be bigger but I just like to point out that this scene isn’t really a showcase for the droid itself. I think that the droid itself wouldn’t be enough to create a scene and that’s why I combined it with the prometheus.
But again, I can understand all of you who think that the little droid has deserved a more prominent place in the picture

great job, pal. i especially love the bot on the right zooming toward the wreckage. very cool. the only thing missing, i think, is some sort of afterglow, like burning embers, around the ripped-apart edges of the ship – would add a haunting feeling that the destruction happened recently, yet not immediately. maybe several hours or even a day or so ago…