After the mothership...come the bomber! (The Exodus) UPDATED

(Ecks) #1

OK…some day ago I posted some pic of the mothership that I will use in my animation called The Exodus. I made a bomber today and I want to know what you think of it…

(SGT Squeaks) #2

the ships look really good, but with that lighting is a bit hard to see whats wrong if there is anything wrong.

(Dittohead) #3

nice, bump map the planet.

(macouno) #4

yah looking good, but more lights… even if only to show us what it is.

Dunno about the “halo” engine flares… I mean they look ok, but since you’re going to animate them… I don’t think it’ll work that grand in an anim.

BTW… my 100th post… ooh what do I become now?

(Ecks) #5

ok I will post a new pic with more Light tomorrow…I am to tired now I wil go sleep… The halo will be animated…it will ‘‘flash’’. I hope you undertand…I maked a test and it work great!

(Alltaken) #6

how about an atmosphere for the planet

(Ecks) #7

The atmosphere was supposed to be the ‘‘white’’ cloud over it…but I put them to close to the planet I think…I will try to fix that!

(Ecks) #8

OK here is an updated pic with more light! :wink: and don’t ask why the texture look like this…this is aline technology! :smiley:

Tell me what you think of it! TX :smiley:

(Idgas) #9

I think it looks pretty good except for the window area. Try molding it more around the front of the ship.

(SGT Squeaks) #10

I agree with Idgas, everything looks great but the window area needs some work.

(Ecks) #11

Yea i know that…I always have problem when it come to window…sorry I don’t understand what you mean by: Try molding it more around the front of the ship. my english isn’t excellent…Thank anyway for the comment!