After the War

Hi everyone,

Here a render from 2019 in a post-apocalyptic mood.

Everything modeled from scratch in Blender, except the characters drawn and photobashed in post.

I’d love to hear your feedbacks and critics.

Edit on 15/03/2020:
Clay render in Blender

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Nice job, it has a great scale, wonderful light, and nice composition.

Thanks Photox :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks Bart, I appreciate :slight_smile:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Nice, thanks

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amazing. where did you get the textures for the scene?

This is fantastic! I particularly love how even the buildings have that slight curve… (or am I imagining that?).

Also, where did you get these textures from? Particularly the sand, but all of them in general.

You can really get a feel on how big this is. Great job.

The sand texture is from Poliigon. I used mostly its displacement.

The texture on the metal structures is a picture of an old cargo ship hull.

beautifull artwork

Great mood! stunning color palette

hey man can you show me how to make something like this , i want to learn blender for content creation

Thanks @Egan_T_Guenthers @rombout and @Astyanax for your comments

So cool, reminds me of that cinematic game called Journey :smiley:

You did a great job with the lighting and the paintover looks impressive.

Hey, I’m bad.
I have though great interest for any artists that manage to portray large scale environments and try to study how they do it, so one day when I’m not bad anymore I’ll be able to do it.
This is excellent, but I have some (I think) constructive criticism regarding that.

The scaling of the different things looks all wrong. I think there are a few reasons for this:

  • The sand doesn’t seem to scale correctly with distance. The 5th person is walking on sand with way bigger scale than the 4th person. I figure you noticed this but if you made it too small then it wouldn’t look so much like sand, so you just kept it as is. You could fix this by having the camera closer to the ground, which would show the sand losing detail fast and give proper sense of scale.
  • You might not want to do this because you put the humans and the tracks in in post. You needn’t do this, it doesn’t look great because of the lack of shadows also. You could model the rough shape of the humans, then grab the images you used for each one and project from view. It would look the same, but you’d have shadows. After a while because they get so small and black, you could just use the same model and scatter it around.
  • The tracks on the sand also look all wrong in terms of scale, as they get really wide after the start, and the footsteps are definitely too spaced out to be realistic. Here’s what I would do: make texture for the sand plane, in which you draw the path in black; make a subsection of the material for the track that has some more aggressive footsteps (you can probably do it by playing around with a smooth Voronoi texture and connecting that to the bump); then use the first texture to mix the bumps where the texture has the path drawn vs where it doesn’t.
  • Maybe add some kind of atmospheric fog, I found that usually really helps with conveying distance. You already have that lens flare that really helps, but it would give a much greater sense of distance for the stuff that’s in shade. Also possibly add some of that rebar on the destroyed buildings really close to the camera so it conveys how giant they are.

Yeah dude great stuff.
How did you do the darker, burnt-looking spots on the crevices and exposed structure?

Hi Tris, thanks for your comments.

I applied the sand texture uniformly on the ground and let Blender calculate the perspective. So that should scale correctly I hope.

For the people, I put in Blender few 1,80m height cylinders as a reference and then painted them in post, cause it’s faster.

I was checking more the overall look and feel of the picture, so maybe you’re right, there might still be some discrepencies.