after watching princess mononoke
no pp, pure blender

that is neat. only blender? i hardly can believe it. nice job.

Wow, really nice.
It really catches the feeling of these strange guys in the movie. Very well done!

really nice picture

I love those white things too… I’ve made this not a too long ago:

thx @all :slight_smile:
hei @ner can i see a wire/big res? nice job!

Very nice, but B.R.I.G.H.T. :o :o :o

Kawaiiiiii!!! :smiley: I Love this movie too :wink: Would make it little bit darker and more contrast though… :slight_smile:

ok i’ll work on this tomorrow :slight_smile:
thx all for feedback :Z

Haha! I love the Kodama. They’re awsome. They look a little flat and backward bent…

i beliave their mouth was pretty much the size of their eye…good job thought