after x-mas

This is an idea about the days after x-mas.
what you think about?


Halloween is Sunday… and you’re thinking about the days after Christmas?? Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren’t we? :wink: Nice render :slight_smile: I love the lights but the snow is a little too blurry for me.

I live in germany, Bremen, it’s in the near of Hamburg and Hannover. Ther is Halloween not so popular.
And my first idea was not a x-mas pic. First i modeled the moose. Then came the idea of a winter pic. And now it is an after x-mas pic.

Here is another version of the pic

After this pic I start to think about the other pic.


These are so cute! :smiley: Your little reindeer/moose fellow is quite charming. But he doesn’t look very happy :frowning: Could you explain where this bird is from?

He looks not very happy, because it’s near to x-mas! :wink:

The bird is a bird! I dont’ know where he’s from. One thing came to another and so the pic is done.

the bird on the seconed pic to me looks out of place but if it was on top of the red light(one on his head) on the first it wouldnt :smiley:

Hey Paperboy,

I like it. Thats a nice model of Rodolph. Are you going to add a Christmas tree, Snowman, Carol singers etc? Maybe you could make a series of fun e-cards and send it to your friends at Christmas. Doesn’t hurt to start early. For example, its still October and already the shops are getting their Xmas decorations out $$. :smiley:

Keep up the good work.

I love the snow, are the done with particles?