Afterglow Plugin

(Turrin) #1

Hey all,
I am having trouble getting the sequence plugin afterglow to work. When I load it into the editor, Blender returns an err and closes. Any ideas?


(theeth) #2

Can you give us more details? OS? Version of Blender? The scene you are trying to use it with?


(Turrin) #3

Yeah, sorry :smiley:

I’m running WIN98. I rendered a still, brought it into the editor and tried to apply the plugin. That’s when it gave me the error.

Oh yeah, Blender 2.23


(ssross) #4

I have run into a couple of problems with this plugin.

You must use the same DLL for both the texture and sequence. This plugin saves some information in a global buffer while it caclulates the texture, and the sequence side uses the cached data to do the work.

You must apply the sequence plugin to a strip that has a z buffer (ie a Scene strip). Otherwise the plugin will try to use a NULL pointer in the “compute_zbuf” function and crash the process. Some of the combiner sequences dump the zbuf, for example the ‘Mul’ strip does.

Finally, I had problems getting the AfterGlowExamp.blend to work. There seems to be some cached dependency on /home/staff01/mein/… files that crashes blender. But the plugin works if you create your own test file.

Note, I use the linux version of blender so our problems may differ.

(Turrin) #5

So you suggest importing not an image but the entire scene? And also applying the plugin to the material as a texture? Ok I’ll give that a try. thanks