Hello, Does anyone know how to use this? I’ve downloaded this plugin but am a bit in the dark. I’ve tried to follow these instructions:

Texture Setup:
T1) select the “Glow Object”
T2) assign a material to the object, then assign the Afterglow plugin.
T3) the “Texture Number”: give the object a number for identifying reasons.
T4) back in the material window select “win” (thats important for the right coordinates).

Sequence Setup:
S1) load the Scene into the Sequence-Editor (Shift F8, Shift A),
S2) assign the same Afterglow plugin to the Scene-Strip.
Adjust the values (n-key);

note: Texture Number -1 means, that all objects with the texture-plugin will glow.
Change the number to the one from T3 if you want only selected objects to glow.

Me again, is “Glow object” just Halo?


Was this a pre compiled plugin or do you need to compile it?

In the VSE you can then ‘Add’ -> ‘Plugin’ then browse to the plugin location and choose it, it will then appear as a sequence strip in the VSE.

You can download your plugins to blenders plugins folders to keep them all together, also set the path to the plugins folders in Blenders user prefs.

It’s a pre compiled plugin that I downloaded from

Thanks for the help, I’m still pretty new to blender and hadn’t used the Video Sequence Editor yet. Guess it’s time for me to learn!