Aftermath - Multiplayer RPGFPS

Aftermath is a multiplayer first person shooter with RPG elements taking place in a post-apocalyptic world after mutant creatures have taken over the cities. The game will have modern weapons and props, as if this is happening in the near future.

We are using Agoose77’s multiplayer add-on to make our WIP RPGFPS multiplayer. We currently have several weapon models, a base model, and various prop models.

Our Team:
Alan - Project Leader/Lead Programmer
Tommy - Lead Modeler
Peter - Secondary Modeler
Luke - Concept Artist
Michael - Texture Artist
Kyle - Secondary Programmer
Jacob - Secondary Programmer

Please visit the website to learn more, view screenshots, contact us, and check the development blog.

Be aware that this is only a temporary website until we can get our own server running.

Any Questions or Comments?

Not a lot to comment on is there ? A two sentence blog post and a few images.
Maybe you should work on a bit more informative content.

Without any on thread screenshots, and no more than a couple gun models on your website isn’t anything to comment on. You would get feedback with informative postings, screenshots, and evidence of a working prototype.

A lot of people make posts on the forums saying they are working on an MMO or a realistic shooter and have no visible progress or showing of ability to follow through.

I agree with LaxWolf. I’d be more interested if i seen some working code in action more over than some props.

Thank you guys for the input. I will post some code, gameplay screenshots, and a demo as soon as the multiplayer component is finished.

Is it going to be based more in the future or more of a present day situation? Either way would be pretty cool.
Not only would you have to deal with crazy zombies but, normal every day people that would want to kill you for your stuff.

Present day, I’m aiming for gameplay similar to Fallout 3, but more intense and faster paced.

uploaded a video of the walkthrough of our main base/hideout

Bake AO maps? Because now everything looks strange. I know it’s still very wip and early in development. And don’t be shy, record videos with larger resolution :slight_smile:

Just one, will there be Lags??? (P.s. I’ve played online and I HATE LAGGING GAMES, P.s. Robox VERY LAGY)

Oh and one more thing; would this require an account to play?

@MouseDroid: No account, but you can set a username so other people can see your name online
@Goh: we havent done any AOs yet, but we plan to in the future to try and make it look more realistic, any suggestions?

@mousedroid: and there hopefully will be no lag as we are using a dedicated server

So, stuff… I have got a mostly completed first release of my addon. So, i can look at implementing properly into your game. But, you’ll need to provide me with the latest blend - the one in your old post had no packed textures.

I will get on that as soon as I can, I have work for the next 5 hours, but I plan on getting it done sometime tonight.

Ok good, hate lags… Um one other thing, got any pics of your progress?

@MouseDroid: i will post pics later today
@agoose77: here is the new blend file, all the textures should be packed in

more screenshots uploaded to the site. just did a quick gun positioning, it is by no means perfect, but i am continuing to work on the parenting and positioning

so, in the titel it tells me your game is an MMO, is that true and how many connections can you handel at once?
do you got an dynamic or static setup? ( is there a limit on how many players there can be online at the same time)
do you connect it to an db to be able to save data, and is there any kind of “stats”?
do you got an inventory system?
is there a storyline?
have you an ig chat?
will you use any npc’s and if so what type of pf are you going to use?
do your server use udp or tcp/ip?
is your game in glsl on not?

This is basic MP. Health and stuff to come.

I wouldn’t go for an MMO. That requires specific coding and optimisation, which is not what this offers.