Afternoon Coffee

Here’s a scene created and rendered in Blender 2.4. The roses were modeled in Maya and imported as .obj (a holdover from my Maya dayz…), then textured in Blender. This frame took 4.5 hours to render.

Final render was imported into AfterEffects, where Trapcode’s Starglow was used for a soft glow filter effect, Particular for the coffee steam, and Knoll Light Factory for the glints on the cup and the vase.

Everything looks really good except the cookies (crumpets?) Other than those very well done.

In general this is AWESOME, i love it :slight_smile:

most especially love the texturing, lighting (+glint) and material of the Cup, Coffee, Vase and marble table-top.

a few things that just niggle a little bit are the spoon… it seems way too shiny and also is perhaps positioned a little high. i think it would have fallen into the saucer more, to be nestled under the Cup.

as already mentioned, the Cookies don’t look particularly apertising :expressionless:

the modelling of the Cup, Saucer and Plate needs a SetSmooth option, you can see the corners where they should be circular.

the Leaves of the roses are a little too transparent.

but the Petals of the Roses are a little too opaque… or too waxy somehow ?

and finally the Sugar Sachets are too thin, they don’t appear to actually have any sugar in them at all :frowning:

but desipte all of the above, i’m still jealous !

Hey there!
Great work on the modeling, composition is decent but could be reworked. I like the post pro effects, and the ripple in the cup.

However, my biggest problem is that there’s no shadows in the scene! I only see reflections and things getting darker from diffuse shading. Also, how come you can’t see the roses in the reflection of the vase in the table surface? Vampire roses? %|

Also, on the spoon, it looks like brand new chrome…Lower the reflection a tad and increase the fresnel a bit.

And you have to increase the subsurf on the plates, cup and tea, i can see polygons.

I really wonder how this would look in yafray…