Afternoon Invasion(Sunlight and Spaceships)

Hey everybody, hows it going?

Its been a while since Ive posted anything here(Its getting harder to please myself…), but I came up with this a day or so ago, and after a lot of pretty minor tweaking(obsessive Id say), I’ll call it done.

Im proud to present:

Afternoon Invasion


Blender Internal, AO, a few Area lights. The grass is made up of duplivert cubes on a static particle system(I was less than impressed with the plain strands). Rendertimes were around 3-5 minutes I think. A bit of nodes work, a fair bit of photoshop. Viola’

Im open to any comments and critiques, so go ahead and say whatever’s on your mind.


Haha, nice one. Pretty good composition IMO, it looks random but quite balanced. Only thing i’d suggest is tha the blue parts of the UFO are a bit too simple, makes them look a bit like clickers.

Clickers? Whats a clicker?

Thanks, it certainly is simple(you know me). I need to get a detailed project going sometime…ah well.

They’re like push button switches on lamps. Nice ones though :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice job with BI i’m really impressed!
very nice lighting and materials!

TheANIMAL: Ooohh, I know what you mean(yes, they are deluxe)

@Photoguy: Thanks! Its really capable of a lot when you learn how to use it.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, would people be interested in a night version? I could share the lighting setups for both if anybody was interested.

I’ve you’ve already got the night one finished, why not post it? :slight_smile:

Because I dont have it finished. :slight_smile: I was only thinking about doing it, which is why I asked.

I generally dont withhold finished stuff(cause I want to show it off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

SImple, and beautiful composition. Really good picture to view! Thanks! :wink:

Oh, and just out of curiosity, would people be interested in a night version? I could share the lighting setups for both if anybody was interested.

Yes! would be nice to see a night invasion! :smiley:

a night one would be cool, and it seems like it would be easy… just exchange the blue sky for black with stars and change the lighting… :smiley: the whole world is simple to me

You’d need to light up the ships too.

Do the clouds have SSS, they need SSS, all clouds have SSS.

@meschoyez: Ha, no, thank you! I’ll get that night version together.

@lipton_lover: Yeah, shouldnt be too terribly difficult, but visually? Pretty different.

@CD: I’l light em up, dont worry. Lots of blue glowiness.
No they dont have SSS, they dont need SSS, and UFOs dont really float around little mini planets of grass, so reality doesnt apply to the clouds either.
So no(silly me, I forgot the point of art is to use as many features as possible ;P)


Clouds to me just look better with SSS, they can stay solid meshes though. I know this is suspension of reality.

While you’re adding SSS to the clouds, make sure you put a gradient on the sky, because all skies have gradients, and colour variations on the grass, because all grass has colour variations.

…Sorry, just had to say it…

About the night scene, my answer to your question now that I know you don’t have it finished:
Don’t finish it/not finish it based on what people want. Do it if you want to.

haha cute! looks like it should be part of a series. looks like clay too, lovin the style!

@CD: Personal opinion I guess :slight_smile:

@Blenditall: Haha. You know, it should have a gradient, I thought Id set one up…(must have turned it off at some point).

And thanks for the input Mr Life Philosophy Support Group. I’ll do it for me :wink:

@StompinTom: Thanks man. I may do a series if I can come up with more ideas… Ive tried before, and eventually it just becomes forced(which I dont want to happen).

Simplistic but pleasing, I like. Are the clouds metaballs?

Thanks. I promise I’ll make my next one more complex.

As for the clouds, you know it. Thats the only way I like to do clouds(since I pretty much only do cartoon ones), makes it nice and simple to change the shape.

Have you ever tried poly modeling a cloud? Dont.