Afternoon Tea

Not as realistic as I had hoped for but still post worthy = )

Rendered with Blender’s Internal Renderer. C&C appreciated.

It looks like some sort of realistic toon image considering the colors.

Nice, yet colorful image.

yeah it is worth it man…looking very good…i think you should try to decrease the mirror of the glass table
again it looks very nice man :slight_smile:

the material on the rug is kinda lo-res, but i like the material of the glass on the table.

Its a nice image!


Thanks for the feedback guys! I was thinking of doing a Yafray version to see if it improved the realism. I’ll post my expirements here = )

I would rezise the floor tiling texture size (halve the tiles)… Less specular and more NOR noise on the books and the shelf… Scale up the doors and windows…And yeah the mat deserves a better treatment :slight_smile:

crap, pileski beat me to it. You’ve got good modelling, but if you want realism, just for a start:

-Render with yafray
-more bumpmappage on any textured object
-work on the lighting.

those would be my suggestions, anyhoo. good stuff.

For some reason, when i render with Yafray none of my textures show up… not even the UV mapped ones. WTF?

You might give the scale some thought - the doors and windows should be taller. all else is good though.

the glass looks very good and realistic. i like this picture.

your image is way out of scale. the table is nearly as big as the door! other than that, nice image :smiley:

nice work, though it is out of scale, the books are bigger than the chair legs

Sorry for the inaccurate proportions, this is my first interior scene. I’ll try to keep it in mind for next time, thanks for all the crits = )

is that the children room? i think its perfect for that!

I’m waiting for a Sim to walk into that room :smiley:
Not photorealistic indeed, but still a very nice render.

WOW!!! How the Hell do people do this type of stuff!?! Man that room is so kool, I couldn’t even afford 2 pee in a room like… ok… shutup i know its an animation without a toilet… but you know what i mean don’t you??? Basicaly all that is meant to mean that, IT ROKKS!!! Don’t let anyone put you down about it.

that was a bad bump.

Nice scene & rendering…only the proportions of the models is off…

The only thing wrong with that render is trying to use blender’s internal renderer for a scene that it just can’t handle.

If you want, email me the scene and I’ll render it using an external renderer, and email you back the result.

jsnake at gmail dot com

Or, instead, don’t email your file to him, and render it yourself using Yafray or Indigo.

Both of these are a little out-dated, but I’m sure you can extrapolate. :]