Afternoon Tea

(ristesekuloski) #21

Cool image. One thim immidiately caught my eye, though: shadow on the porch is istorted as if it made by the light source which is very near… sun’s rays are allmost parallel (so no shadow like this is possible). Other tham that I relly like look’n’feel of the image (especially its cartoon-ness)

(PapaSmurf) #22

a real picture of a real room would reveal a much darker room. put a roof on the room, and place a central lamp, and then area lights outside the windows shining in. Right now it looks like the room has a few 1000watt lights in the ceiling, making everything way too reflective. If it was a kid’s room, they’d either be blind or have to play with sunglasses on. The wallpaper texture needs to be sized about 3 or 4 times down; the pattern is too big now.

(Pash) #23

Thats a nice pic, try rendereing it with the new glossy reflections on the table and door, i think it would add realism to it. Nice models.

(dudewithasock) #24

I know this is old, but something that kind of confused me is the increased brightness of the light on the tiles in the lower-right area of the room…makes me wonder where the source of that extra light is, if the tiles directly by the glass door are dimmer.

(Mosh) #25

wow that is a small door

(l.lundstrom) #26

i like it really much that the door is smaller than the chairs! it looks stylised and cartoonish. besides that i would add some soft shadows and ambient occlusion.

Nice image!

(budcai) #27

For some reason, when i render with Yafray none of my textures show up… not even the UV mapped ones. WTF?

are you using .jpg for textures? yafray will not load .png textures.

(migero) #28

looks like a afternoon doll tea party to me the camera is really high (almost like outside of wall ?) this gets me a feeling that everything is small

(VenomSeven) #29

Holy cow I haven’t checked this thread since the first time it died. I cant believe people are still commenting on this…

This is very old artwork, it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to go back and fix anything on it. Thanks for all of your interest and criticism though, I’ll remember all of it for my next piece.

It has been a while though… maybe its time for something new… hmm…

(Samipe) #30

Are the doors made for hobbits?! :smiley:
They are so low, tea cup for that size guy is enormous. Also, use AO.
Other than that is is quite good.