Afternoon tea

I just suddenly got the idea and immediately thought “Why haven’t I tried this before?”

I know it’s not much yet, but it should give you some idea of what I’m trying to make.

Next step would probably be finding new textures for the cup and plate, and making the handle of the spoon a bit thinner. Tell me what you think.


That is Awesom! very realistic looking, although you will still have to get a more metalic texture for the spoon. I think the spoon handle is a fine size considering how large the cup is. I wouldn’t change it at all.

Thanks JayDez.

I changed some settings, mainly the material on the spoon. Not a big update, but anyway…


Hey, that looks astonishing to me. I admire this model. May I ask for your light setup?

I love it! The new materials for the spoon are awesome!

Thank you for the comments again.

longd0g: I don’t have any emitters. I use an environment map as the light source

10 hours seems a little too much to me for what it is.

Way too much.

yeah the render time is long for the project being at this stage, and usually I would close it earlier, but this one I just started when I got up in the morning and terminated it when I got back home later.

Sorry for taking so long to post an update, but I have been a bit busy.

Anyway I started to make a coffee pot, and this is what I have so far. The pot still needs some tweaking, and a texture though. Feel free to tell me what you think.


Looks good! The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any interaction between the backround and the objects… It kinda looks seperate for some reason. Don’t know how to fix that.

JayDez: Thanks. There isn’t supposed to be any interactions between the background and the objects at this point. I’m just presenting the objects I’ve made, I still have to come up with a scene and stuff like that. The reason I still use the environment map even if this is not the final scene, is to better present the materials, which would seem very plain without something to reflect

Sorry I haven’t posted any updates in a while.

I started to make a scene, and this is what I have so far


This is just to give you an idea of what I have in mind for this project. I know there’s still a lot of work to do.
Stuff to do:

  1. Get a texture for the pot
  2. The table needs fixing, right now I just have a temporary solution
  3. I probably need to change the handles on the cups so that they match the handle on the pot
  4. I need to make the coffee texture better
  5. I need to fill the background. I’m probably gonna put a house wall or some vegetation in the background, but it will be mostly blurred by the dof

Please tell me what you think

Now that looks good! Did you model the backround or is that just a picture? because It sure looks like part of the scene now. The DoF is very good to.

In my opinion the tables to small…
And I think you could make the composition more interesting if you lower the camera angle.

I do agree a lower camera angle would be nicer I think but the table looks fine.

That’s really good! GREAT JOB! Looks really life-like, keep it up :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the comments everyone.

I made some small changes. I added a tablecloth (it’s quite amazing how much it does for the image) and I lowered the camera angle a bit and I also scaled up the fence a bit


I envision a scene like this in either a backyard or a resturant,
So the scene is kind of clashing in my head.
If its a backyard, that fence wouldn’t be so close, (I believe)
And you might see some fancy tiled patio and then the DOF of the trees.
But if it was a resturant I’d see a bit of a street scene behind it.
But its still looking good.

I’d change the thread name to, might attract more viewers =P
A simple cup seems like a beginner’s project.
And this is past that.

I love the new tablecloth! I do agree with cire that the fence should probably be farther back.

Ok, I think I’m gonna go for a patio/terrace view.

So, I added a texture to the ground, although I’m not entirely sure I’m gonna keep this particular texture, but I think I’ll go with tiles of some sort anyway. Also, as you can see, I removed the fence and added something a bit nicer, the part that’s less opaque is supposed to be some sort of frosted glass, but I think I’m gonna make it a bit more transparent.

Anyway, thank you for the comments so far, and please comment again.

I apologize that the images are a bit large, maybe I should start using jpg instead of png.