Your head hurts. Looking at these bottles (a little party never killed nobody) you wonder how can human being drink so much beer. You start recollecting memories and then…
You notice the lighting.

Lighting tutorial:

Watch rendering tips for this scene:


One more, one more!

These images look like photography for me, Gleb! You are gifted!

Colours, details and depth of field are amazing - great job

Again Excellent!

I like the color tones, the out of focus effect.
My favourite is that from above.

Very nice!!! Gotta love photo-real compositions. Keep up the excellent work!:yes:

This image alone was the only inspiration I needed to learn Blender. Thanks Gleb

Woah, that’s incredible, thank you guys! You motivate me :slight_smile:

…And that’s the best thing I can possibly wish for. If you are motivated, then I am too. That’s kind of linked together.

Great pictures Gleb;-) I am impressed by the composition that you create. Camera views are just perfect. The second render is brilliant! Wonderfully filled frame. It would be cool if you had created a tutorial in which you discussed the texture of those bottles, as it is the third superhero of those renders, just after light and composition.
Inspiring for sure. ***** from me :wink:

Master of the light.

A wonderful tutorial about how make good renders.

Nice work! I want to ask about the bottle, the texture/word is normal map or real geometry? Sorry for poor english

Its AMAZING Gleb. Fantastic lighting… of course you are the master in that :slight_smile:

yes, good lighting

Hey, i just started blender cause of you man !
I searched some vids of 3d modeling and i found ur channel, after seing some tutorial i just started to modeling. Thx a lot and wow what u did is fantastic, keep it up ! \o/

Sorry for my poor english btw :frowning:

What a set of rings, tg f Blr. Nice print…

Yea, it’s the normal map :wink:

Thanks, paulina! Actually, I’m planning to make a tutorial about texturing. But we’ll need to wait a bit :slight_smile: