Again Engine trails....

well, im bored of using the traditional engine trails, the ones to add an plane with an add texture bla bla bla…did someone can say and give me an example file of enigne trails like this ones? : as you see, the ships have an engine trail that is like an rectangle plane and when they rotate the ships the plane follow it, can somebody say and give me an exapmle file about it?, PLEASE HELP! :smiley:

I have tried to make it with soft bodyes but i had no sucess, the only way that works for me was trough the shape keys, i hope you understand the .blend, mine settup is pretty simple, you ll probably have to work more on it to make it look nicer. I hope it helps you. here is a screen. the project is on GLSL, if you have problem with the FPS just turn the filters off.
If it dont work you can try to use the “add object way”, if you not aware about it I can try to exaplain it later.
Take a look on the blend file first.

well, i doesnt have any problem with the FPS, but it will not work well in my game, as you see in the video, the trails are like an plane with alpha texture, and the trails are like the ones on homeworld 2, when the ships moves, i played homewrold 2, and i zoomed on a trail, and i looked that the trail was an plane, with alpha texture, can somebody help me please?:smiley:

Instead of thinking of the trail as one long plane mesh, break it up into smaller chunks. Basicly you want to spawn a small particle (textured plane mesh, with alpha map) at the ships engines, give it a life time and have it fade out over a certain time. That way, as you move your ship, these particles will be placed behind the ship where the engines are and will fade out the further along the trail (as these particles have been on screen longer than the new particles being spawned).

About the texture, i dont create a texture I just use one that I had created before, you can adjust the animation and the texture to achieve better results. as I said soft bodyes are hard to work with on BGE. With this method maybe you can make it work almost like on the game that you showed, but you ll need to work on it, I dont know if you are aware about the shape animations and the creation of the trail texture.
Well good luck!

try this one, its not taht good but its something, you ll have to work on this to make it achieve better results. scrool the mouse up or down to rotate on the x axys

thats the same method that i use in my game LOL

I dont know how to make it! try soft bodies or you ll need to use python, sorry I have no more ideas!