again...quite blender accidentaly.......

damn there should be a prompt when press the “X” bottom

where can i found quick blend file??

C:\ mp\quit.blend (presuming you’re using Windows).

ah… man that was not the lost one

was something i do long ago

does the lost one goes to other place?

why isnt there a prompt?

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The offical reason is, blender assumes, if you are going to close a program, you have already saved. I personally do not like being prompted when I quit.

There is also a “recover last session” option that can come in handy sometimes under file. In fact I used it tonight when I hit some wierd button combo, and got an extra window I could not get rid of.

whatever,forget it…

It happens to me all the time too.

Since opinions appear divided, it might be a nice option toggle in preferences… It does prompt you when exiting, so that should give the user some pause for thinking… :wink:

um… I agree

One thing to note in many Windows programs: clicking the X does not do (programmatically) the same thing as File >> Exit/Quit. When you quit blender properly, it asks you if you really want to quit. Upon quitting, the quit.blend file is saved.

The odd thing is it does prompt when saving an existing file using “Save” - this is most unusual and I’m not aware of any other program that does this when using “Save” rather than “Save As”.

Interestingly I’ve lost more data due to this “Feature” than due to the lack of a “Save before Quit?” feature. Why? Because I’m not used to being prompted this way and so I hit save and assume I have saved but because I wasn’t paying attention, I dismissed the “Save Over?” prompt so Blender didn’t save at all. Then I quit :frowning:

This seems like a back to front set of priorities. I never knew about “quit.blend” until a couple of months ago when this discussion arose elsewhere and “recover last session” rarely delivers the goods - it doesn’t even seem to open quit.blend

Whilst I readily accept that some people don’t like prompts (and they annoy me at times - Mac OSX menu-shutdown for example), I think in this case that it might be better to annoy in the interests of saving data than to annoy as a result of losing it. Has a poll ever been run to see what users think?

…and then there are those Windows programs that ask you a dozen times “Are You Sure?”, “Last chance”, “Press ENTER if you are sure”.

Using Linux here. I find that Ihave the original myfile.blend and also a myfile.blend1 which appears to be a live backup. “Recover last session” is also an option under the File menu.

In my family I and my brother are using this computer and every time he want to do something he shout: “Robin can I close this?” and I say “No” and have to shut it down myself every time. Cause he is too stupid too learn how to do. So annoying. One thing that would be good is if it come up window that ask if you want to save not just if you want to quit.